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Studied Industrial Design, made some cool things, worked with even cooler people. Ultimately endeavouring to push boundaries whilst having fun and getting sh*t done. Since completing my studies I've worked across the film, art and fashion spheres in varying capacities. I have experience working with a team as the marketing manager, store manager and go-to person for all things graphic design at Berlin-based concept store STUDIO183. In my freelance capacity I have worked with clients on their branding, websites and content, as well as in film production as director's assistant and PPM coordinator. At present, I work alongside my sister as the other co-founder of hippl, as we create content for the health, wellness and lifestyle sectors.


Working with brands, clients, friends and family I have built websites using Wordpress, Cargo Collective, Shopify and Webflow. Collaboration is key to my web design process as I work closely with my clients to deliver their dream site.


A healthy dose of information. At hippl we create engaging, accessible (and fun) health, wellness and lifestyle content for your brand, business or product. Co-founded by my sister and I, taking the role of head of creativity I designed the logo, branding and website.


Sustainable architecture and interior design with integrated project delivery. Working with the architect and company founder, we updated his website design and UX, maintaining a bold architectural look whilst refining the flow of the site. I then built the new website with Wordpress, utilising the Neve theme and hand-coding stylistic elements.


Dr Zara Quail - MBChB(UCT) Doctor, Medical Writer and Researcher. Dr ZQ wears many hats, as a talented medical professional and creative individual. To illustrate her many talents and accomplishments we collaborated on designing her portfolio website which features a checkerboard design and bright pops of colour. Designed in Figma, and built with Wordpress.

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I personally love weirding out and producing work that makes people smile; whether that be product, picture, animation or experience. Here is a smattering of work I’ve done for business’s, collaboraters, brands and more. (You can also have some fun rearranging them into your fave composition).


Forty-two, the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything - hopefully including my, up until now, tenuous exploration of creative coding. A series of generative/creative/playful coded web page experiences inspired by the playground. One viewer, endless possibilities, so much to learn. *non-consecutive weeks. [42 weeksOfCode] is a personal project created to test my skills, creativity and resilience in learning to code, and more specifically push boundaries where possible.

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